What are The Benefits of Drinking Water?

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Many people hear from concerned doctors, nutritional specialists, parents, family members and friends that they should drink lots of water every day. Many people know that the recommended daily water intake is at least eight cups of water per day, or even up to half of your body weight in ounces. However, they don’t necessarily know that they shouldn’t stop there.


Health Benefits of Drinking Water

If you’re wanting to feel and look healthier,  you should definitely take it upon yourself to drink more than the recommended amount of water. Drinking plenty of water offers a ton of awesome health benefits, some of which may surprise you. The following are just a few of the amazing benefits of drinking water on a daily has to offer.

Water Can Speed Up the Metabolism

One of the most common benefits of drinking water is its ability to speed up the metabolism in cold form. A cold glass of water can kick-start a person’s calorie-burning process first thing in the morning. The body will start to burn calories at a quick rate because of its need to heat the water up to the body’s temperature. Along with speeding up the metabolism, water can hydrate the person and resolve problems such as fatigue and malaise. Anyone who asks, “What are the benefits of drinking water?” will be pleased to know that.

Stool Regulation

A healthy water intake can help a person who is suffering with constipation. It helps to add liquids to the stool for people who eat foods that are hard on the intestines. Drinking water can help to regulate bowel movements as well as softening the stool. The regulated bowel movements can keep the person happy and healthy.

Eliminates Toxins


The body builds up a supply of toxins on a daily basis. Getting into a regular habit of drinking water can stimulate the kidneys. The kidneys will then do the work of eliminating harmful toxins from the body. A person can tell if he or she is consuming the right amount of water by reviewing the urine color. The color of healthy urine is light in consistency. A person who drinks the correct amount of water may have a near-clear urine color.

Eliminate Bags From Under Your Eyes

Many people suffer from dark circles and bags under the eyes. The condition occurs in a number of people. One reason that people suffer from bags under the eyes is that they inherit it from their family members. Another reason that people suffer from eye bags is lack of sleep. A percentage of people suffer from bags under the eyes because of dehydration. Drinking the appropriate amount of water can resolve the eye bags.

Eases the Pain of Arthritis

Have or know someone suffering from arthritis pain? If so, increasing the intake of water can assist with this painful condition. The pain of arthritis can subside because of the water’s ability to moisturize the joints. A person who is suffering from arthritis should certainly look into Kangen water as a natural arthritis treatment.

Soothes Sickness and Loosens Phlegm

Water is an excellent remedy for a wide variety of illnesses. It can carry nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It can moisturize the air that goes into the lungs. Furthermore, water can loosen the phlegm that accumulates in the lungs. The person can then cough up the phlegm and have relief with his or her breathing. Many doctors recommend an increased intake of water when they come across people who fall ill with viruses. Antibiotics cannot help a person with a virus, so many specialists recommend increasing liquids.

Increased Alertness

Drinking water can increase one’s mental alertness all times of the day. Cold water can lift someone out of a period of fatigue and weariness. Even the mildest form of dehydration can deplete a person’s energy enough to require a liquid intervention. Water can be just what a person needs to make everything better. Water can even provide a person with a boost in a case of depression. One who is looking to increase alertness
should certainly look into Kangen water.

Water Can Increase Dental Health

Another benefit of drinking water is that the person’s dental health can improve. Drinking water can stimulate the salivary glands so that a person continues to cleanse bacteria from the mouth. It can solve problems such as halitosis from dehydration, as well. Furthermore, drinking water can rinse away any items that get stuck in between the teeth. A person should drink a glass of water after every meal to increase the health inside of the oral cavity.

Water Helps to Absorb Nutrients

Water can increase the absorption of any nutrients that a person ingests. Vitamins, minerals, weight loss aids and the like can enter the system quickly for a person who drinks an appropriate amount of water. It can be an aid to a person who works out at the gym every day, as well.

All of the benefits you’ve just read about are just the surface of a plethora of benefits provided when you start incorporating water into your everyday lifestyle. Get into the habit of drinking lots of fresh, fluoride free, purified water continuously throughout your day for the best results possible and experience more stamina, health, and overall happiness!


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Doctor in a white gown with a stethoscope around his neck.

Support for Enagic Kangen™ Water from the Medical Profession

Dr. Hiromi Shinya: Diet is the key to our health, maintains Dr. Hiromi Shinya. That’s the conclusion of this endocrinologist who has spent 35 years as a physician, during which time he’s had the opportunity to examine the stomachs and intestines of hundreds of thousands of patients. “It’s proved an invaluable experience from which to help people adopt the best dietary habits for a healthy and enjoyable life,” says Dr. Shinya.

Dr. Shinya explains how the medical profession has come to realize the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy colon: “So much ill-health stems from problems here, particularly when the colon is acidic.”

The main thing, he continues, is to understand how important, indeed, essential, water is for health. The quality of the water matters immensely. Hard water, which often contains substantial quantities of elements such as magnesium and calcium is preferable as this is ‘good water’. Drinking it means the body maintains the correct alkaline pH balance.

A picture with lots of text about Hiromi Shinya, M.D., Ph.D. Water drops on top of it.

If you want the best drinking water, choose Kangen Water™, argues Dr. Shinya. It’s now widely accepted that nothing else compares to its hydrating qualities. It is a first-class detoxifier and has potent anti-oxidation properties too.

Dr. Horst Filtzer, Vascular Surgeon

Vascular surgeon Dr. Horst Filtzer recalls that his first experience of drinking Kangen™ was a memorable one. “I reacted very positively to it in every way.” After this, Dr. Filtzer began to study the product, and then to investigate the whole area of ionization and the necessity for creating alkalinity in the cells of the body. He found increasingly compelling evidence that this product had qualities that could benefit every single human. “I’d recommend its use in every home since there is nothing approaches it in quality,” advises Dr Filtzer.

His support is based on the vast improvement it has brought about in his own circumstances. “I have no hesitation in recommending Kangen Water™. I’m not only speaking as a physician and surgeon but as a human being too. These benefits need to be made known to everyone and I support this wholeheartedly with my own endorsement.

Dr. Dave Carpenter, Naturopathic Physician

The program of alkalization involves a fresh approach to nutrition and our daily diet, believes naturopathic practitioner Dr Dave Carpenter. It provides positive improvements in well-being that people have tried to achieve previously without success, including enhanced fitness, slimness and mental clarity.

“Through decades of investigation and working with patients, we can determine that the major underlying cause of all illnesses is quite simply over-acidification of the body,”argues Dr. Carpenter. This stems from the diet that most people now have, based on sugars, meat and dairy, with too much coffee, alcohol and other problematic foods. The resulting sickness and constant tiredness disappears on diets based on whole plant foods.

“I’ve found that nothing provides better nutritional support for you than Kangen™,” states Dr Carpenter. “Water is fundamental to diet and Enagic® Kangen™ Water is simply the best choice. Those who’ve tried it for themselves can honestly testify to the improvement.”

Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize Winner

Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto Warburg, during his research at the Max Planck Institute for Cell Physiology, made a major discovery regarding the difference between cancerous and normal cells. At work in his lab in Berlin-Dahlem in the 1960s he saw that it was alkalinity that marked one from the other. Normal cells, he concluded, absolutely needed oxygen and were alkaline, while cancer cells lived without oxygen and affected tissues were acidic.

A picture with text and a black-white photo on the left of Dr. Warburg. Enagic logo on top and gold medal.

Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj

Dr Fereydoon Batmanghelidj was a researcher with major concerns about lack of proper hydration in the general population. His work on dehydration led him to believe that a great deal of stress, pain and serious disease results from not paying sufficient attention to body’s need for water. Dr Batmanghelidj believed that people should not wait until they feel thirst coming on before drinking.

Our bodies are mainly composed of water, he argued. “75% in fact and the brain itself is composed of 85% water.” While the medical profession has been focusing on the solid matter of the body, it’s water that counts in making sure the solid parts stay healthy and this operates at molecular level. “Allowing yourself to become dehydrated will result in illness. Curing with water simply means treating the problems created by dehydration with water.”

Dr. William Howard Hay

Auto-toxification is the term that surgeon Dr. William Howard Hay used to describe the way we poison ourselves through the accumulation of acid in the body. Dr. Hay, developer of the Hay Diet, argued early in the 20th century that illness escalates in relation to the amount of acid forming food that we eat. This reduces the alkalinity of the body and Hay believed that increased acidity is implicated in every case of disease.

If only we brought to an end the acidification of our digestive and metabolic processes, argued Dr Hay, then we would find the cure for many diseases.

He cited acidification as the major factor in a range of diseases from influenza, arthritis and colitis to hay fever, typhoid and pneumonia. Hay argued that it’s clear this is due to acidification pushing the body to the limits of toxin tolerance. Disease, he suggested, is the body’s way of attempting to rid itself of the burden of acidic toxins that it carries due to diet.

Hay maintained that an overload of acidic content in the blood results in an even higher build-up of acidic tissue. Areas of overloaded tissues that have suffered for years in this way begin to die. Other cells survive by becoming malignant. In effect they are cells that are no longer under control of the regulatory systems of the body and so cancer begins.

Dr. Keiichi Morishita

The Director of the Ochanomizu Clinic in Japan, Dr Keiichi Morishita, believes that our approach to the treatment of cancer is unhelpful. Dr Morishita, who is also the Head of the International Natural Medicine Association, argues that treating cancer cells by the established methods of surgery, followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, is of no benefit unless changes are made in the body’s alkalinity.

“Water that is high in alkalinity is drunk by patients in Asia as part of their treatment. It is the anti-acidity effect that helps in preventing cancer and this is an established part of medical practice,” is Dr. Morishita’s message.

Photo of Dr. Robert C Atkins.

Dr. Robert C. Atkins

The creator of the famous Atkins diet linked all our modern diseases with the level of acidity in our bodies. Not only did he think that alcohol, smoking and sugar were acid-creating, but also that stress would increase acidity too. Dr Atkins argued that only the skin, perspiration and stomach contents were intended to be acidic while all the rest of our body should indicate a level of alkalinity.

Photo of Dr. Susan Lark.

Dr. Susan Lark
How much alkaline water should be drunk is a frequently asked question. Clinical nutritionist Dr. Susan Lark suggests four to six glasses over a day are required. This amount, she says, is sufficient to restore balance from acidification. It should be part of a regular program to help the body buffer the effects acid in the diet. Over acidity can result in various conditions and alkaline water is an appropriate aid, when used with other remedies, for winter conditions like bronchitis, colds or flu. Its excess supply of free electrons make it as valuable as vitamin C and similar products as an anti-oxidant. Taken long term it aids the body in avoiding major issues such as heart disease, strokes and a range of other health problems.

“The effects of electrolyzed alkaline water are more far-reaching than simply increasing raise the pH value of the body’s cells and tissues along with neutralizing acids,” states Dr Lark. It’s the chemical process. The addition of free electrons through electrolysis results in greatly increased anti-oxidizing properties. “This means it has more to contribute to preventing the oxidation process caused by free radicals in the body,” explains Dr. Lark.

Photo of Dr. Ray Kurzweil.

Dr. Ray Kurzweil

Like many other doctors who have investigated alkaline water, Dr. Ray Kurzweil, inventor and award-winning scientist, believes that there are more benefits to “alkaline water” than the increased alkalinity or changed pH effect it has on the body. He is also conscious of the value of the reduced oxidation that comes from using an alkalizer. This is known as the oxidation reduction potential, or ORP. Oxygen free radicals that threaten the body can be neutralized by water that has a high negative ORP. It is possible to test the quality of ORP with appropriate equipment. Using sensors, the difference between tap water and alkalized water was clear. Water from the faucet had on the whole an ORP of +290mV, in contrast to the negative ORP of water from the alkalinizer. Chemical reactions involving electron donations are more frequently the result of substances with higher negative ORP values, which means they begin to neutralize the dangerous free radicals that are positively charged. This, believes Dr. Kurzweil, is the most important reason for drinking that has come from an alkalinizer. The effect is even greater than drinking water that has had alkaline material dissolved in it.

Unstable free radicals, it is argued, have the potential to cause massive damage to our bodies because of their oxidizing capability. Dr Kurzweil believes that they are implicated in a broad range of diseases including sunburn, stroke,heart conditions and cancer. They may be involved in eye conditions such as cataracts too. The danger arises because free radicals have to collect electrons, taking them from healthy tissue and thus disease results.

The free radicals literally “strip” electrons from undamaged cells, says Dr. Kurzweil, leading to disease unless something intervenes. It’s the free radical oxidation of LDL cholesterol within our arterial walls that triggers the harmful immune response leading to blocked arteries, a major cause of heart disease. Drinking negatively ionized alkaline water that has been created by electrolysis produces electrons for the free radicals so that they don’t scavenge them from healthy cells. The case is clear and it all comes back to chemistry. The ions produced by electrolysis can prevent the free radicals from doing damage.

Photo of Dr Yoshiaki Matsuo.

Dr. Yoshiaki Matsuo PhD

Redox – reduction-oxidation reaction – is the most important aspect of alkaline water agrees Dr. Yoshiaki Matsuo, Vice President of the Water Institute of Japan. Dr. Matsuo goes on to explain that human blood averages around 7.4 on the pH scale, with the states of acidosis or alkalosis confined within a deviation of 7.4 + -0.05. ORP, oxidation-reduction potential, has not received the interest it should have done.

We’ve known for a long time that the free radicals containing oxygen atoms, also known as ROS (reactive oxygen species) are the cause of many forms of damage to cells, argues Dr. Matsuo. This leads to states of illness such as diabetes and cancer, as well as being a major contributor to ageing. Drinking electrolyzed reduced water, also known as ERW, which is rich in hydrogen has been shown to be a scavenger of the dangerous ROS radicals in our bodies, concludes the doctor. (Shirahata et al., 1997.)

Dr. Robert Young

Dr. Robert Young, cellular nutritionist, also believes that our pH level has an influence at the cellular level in our bodies. Issues are caused by long term acidification of the body. In order for our metabolism to work as it should, out

Photo of Dr Robert Young, cellular nutritionist.

system needs to be alkaline. The doctor describes the effects of acid in our bodies as “corrosive.” This effects every aspect of the systems that keep us functioning, damaging tissues and our cardiac and arterial systems. If this continues for a lengthy period of time, eventually all the cells in our bodies are effected negatively. This inevitably results in the diseases with which we are all too familiar, from heart disease to brain disfunction.

It comes down to lifestyle. Our modern lives, Dr. Young feels, are high stress, full of pollutants and inappropriate diets. The effect of this ongoing behavior on our bodies is that essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium, needed for healthy bones and organs, are taken by free radicals, leaving us with no safety buffer or reserves. Loss of bone density, digestive issues and high blood sugar, leading to weight gain. Nearly 70 serious conditions, Dr. Young argues, are caused by acidification of the body. Drinking alkaline water is the easiest way to avoid acidification, thus eliminating the major cause of sickness and disease, maintains Dr. Young.

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Water and The Brain

Water is essential for concentration and mental alertness

Dr. Corinne Allen

Why is Water So Important for the Brain?

The Brain is 85% water. Optimal brain function depends on water and lots of it. Water is what keeps the brain signals going. When the quality of water is compromised the signals are short circuited. Water supports DNA and is the largest single source of energy. The brain has no way to store water and dehydration comes if all the water lost in a day is not replaced and this deficiency is accumulated. Brain cells need 2x more energy than other cells in the body. Water supplies energy. Nerve transmission consumes one-half of all the brain’s energy (nearly 10% of the whole body’s energy). When hydrated, you have more energy. When the brain is functioning on a full reserve of water, it will function at full capacity and you’ll think better and faster. Creativity is boosted.

Brain Injury Causes Inflammation.

Brain inflammation can occur from many causes including: head injuries, premature birth, lack of oxygen, vaccinations, pesticides, accidents, and various infections. The resulting inflammation can provide dysfunction in the body’s ability to detoxify harmful substances. The brain can also exhibit mitochondria that have low energy output and high free radical generation. Often those with brain challenges like Autism and Asperger’s, ADD, depression, panic attacks, head injuries drink almost no water each day, only accentuating the problem in brain functioning.

Dr Corinne Allen says “in Autistics and others where brain inflammation is high, toxins can more easily cross the blood brain, flooding the brain with free radicals.  Kangen Water has been providing participants in her Advanced Learning & Development Institute with a strong source of antioxidants and improved hydration. In her ALDI brain programs, they observed that their expectations have been significantly exceeded by adding Kangen Water to the protocol program, even as much as 35% improvement in the results.”

Why is Water Important in Advanced Learning & Development Institute’s Brain Programs?

Dr Allen adds that “It is most common that those with brain issues exhibited in Autism, Asperger’s, ADD, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Post Traumatic Stress, and Accidents do not drink enough water. Often those with brain challenges will drink almost no water each day, only accentuating the problems in their brain functioning.”

Instead, those with brain challenges will favor drinking the very beverages that cause more brain dehydration such as beverages containing caffeine, alcohol, or sugar. Dehydration affects all functions in the brain. Mayo clinic says that the average adult loses more than 10 cups of water every day through breathing, perspiring, and eliminating wastes.

Why Does Kangen Water Work So Well in ALDI’s Brain Program?

Dr. Corinne Allen says that her clients have every brain difficulty imaginable. They see clients with many different signs of brain dehydration including: brain fog, afternoon fatigue, focus problems, depression, anger, emotional instability, grouchiness, over sensitive (including auditory, tactile, taste, smell, visual), exhaustion, headaches, sleep issues, stress, picky eaters, or cravings. Among other signs of dehydration that we see are lack of mental clarity and acuity, ability to get along with other people, pessimism and lack of vision, weakened immune system, and mental fatigue.

Even if a person is 1% dehydrated, there is a 5% decrease in cognitive function. A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy, short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing. Studies show that prolonged dehydration of the brain causes cells to begin to shrink.

Water is an important factor in brain food and productivity. Many think that they can drink soda, coffee, milk, or juice and stay hydrated. This is not true. Especially the brain needs water to send signals from the brain to the rest of the body.

Dr. Allen went on to say that “water eliminates toxins from the brain as well as delivering nutrients to the brain. When the brain is fully hydrated, the circuitry works well and functions at optimum levels. Water is essential for concentration and mental alertness. ALDI’s brain program is rigorous. The participants need energy. Most brain injured don’t have much energy.  Kangen water absorbs into the cells and especially the brain so quickly and efficiently that energy is available instantly to keep clients able to take advantage of maximum therapy in a day.”

She added that studies have shown that most people are permanently partially dehydrated. This means that their brain is working considerably below its capacity and potential. When there is brain injury on top of dehydration, the problems associated with dehydration cause more evident and profound symptoms.

Why does Kangen water work so well for the brain?

Since water comprises 85% of the brain and 70% of the body, when the body is hydrated with alkaline, highly ionized and micro clustered water, the ability to reduce acidity and dehydration becomes almost immediate. Water becomes a tool to balance the brain and the body. The brain is only 1/50th of the total body weight and it uses 1/20th of the blood supply. Yet, for optimal brain function, it needs a lot of water since the brain is mostly water. If there is a lack of water, it can cause mild to severe problems in the brain. Dehydration causes the level of energy generated by the brain to be decreased.

Dr Allen says that people who have brain injuries and resulting inflammation in the brain, have dysfunction in their ability to detoxify harmful substances like radiation, toxic metals, chemicals, pesticides, pollution, infections, and other free radicals. They also have mitochondria that have low energy output and high free radical generation.

She added that brain inflammation comes from head injuries, prematurity in infants, lack of oxygen, military receiving trauma from blasts, and infections in the brain. In autistics and other with brain injury where brain inflammation is high, toxins can cross the blood brain barrier easier allowing pollutants, radiation, chemical, pesticides, and toxic metals to flood the brain with their resultant free radicals. To stop the many sources of free radicals attacking the brain and causing brain inflammation, a strong antioxidant and powerful, supportive anti-inflammatory agent like the free radical scavenging, ionized, micro-clustered, alkaline water is needed. In the ALDI brain program, we observed that all our therapies were enhanced significantly by Kangen Water. Kangen Water and its ability to support the body’s ability to deal with brain inflammation is exceptional. The results that we are now able to achieve with Kangen Water is beyond any normal therapeutic expectations.

Dr. Allen is convince that her Advanced Learning & Development Learning Institute uses high alkaline Kangen Water to accentuate all therapies and is producing results in our clients that were never before possible so quickly.

Dr Allen’s results of some of her clients who came to the Advanced Learning and Development Learning Institute

Johnnie Wilkins, severely Autistic 6-year-old

Johnnie came to the brain camp with severe autistic behaviors. He could never be left alone. He didn’t sleep well. He had many seizures in a day. He yelled and screamed a lot. He never minded anyone. He wouldn’t eat healthy food and had to have the refrigerator and cupboards locked at home because his eating was uncontrollable. He wouldn’t drink water.

After introducing Johnnie to Kangen Water, he began to crave water and drank many glasses each day. Kangen Water accelerated all the therapies that Johnnie did each day in the brain camp. Johnnie, even before the first 12 days of the program, was holding someone’s hand every time he went outside. He began to obey and respond to verbal commands. He stopped screaming and fussing all the time. His social skills improved. His seizures stopped. He made eye contact and smiled a lot. His behavior and progress has continued as he does his home therapy and daily drinks a lot of Kangen Water.

His mother said that she was in awe of the final product. She didn’t believe at first that the program would work until she saw how greatly he changed in just the first 12 days.” We accomplished more in 6 days than we had accomplished in 6 years with John’s doctors. Now my prayers are being answered,” said Johnnie’s mother.

Johnnie’s grandma said, “Each day brought a new miracle. Our autistic boy, who was out of control was obedient, demonstrated social skills and began to play like a normal 6 year old. In 12 marvelous days, we saw more progress than the medical community offered in 4 years.”

Yuan Meng, severe brain injury from brain tumor surgery

Yuan has been unable to walk, balance, or care for herself for 9 years, since she had surgery for a cerebellar tumor.

Within the first days of intensive therapy at the ALDI brain camp and drinking Kangen Water, she is able to stand freely on her own, even in front of the bathroom sink to wash her hands without single support. She has visible improvement in her coordination, vision, and clear reduction of her facial paralysis with more steadiness, better coordination, and clearer vision. Starting on day 9, she was also able to stand up on her own without any support. She is now able to make 4-8 small steps on her own on a repeated basis.

Kangen Water

Change Your Water, Change Your Life


Considering Kangen for your cannabis growth

For decades now, the tide of opinion regarding the use of marijuana for either medicinal or recreational purposes has been steadily shifting towards the pro-legalization stance. As of today, thirty states, as well as Washington D.C., have some form of marijuana legalization on the books. In California, what many residents do not realize is that they are now legally allowed to grow persona Cannabis plants. Adults over the age of 21 may now lawfully grow up to six marijuana plants within their homes at any given time. Now that it is legal, one might reasonably expect a broad swath of people to consider growing their own cannabis crops.

While there are countless “how to grow” articles and videos online, one aspect of cannabis cultivation that often goes unnoticed or discussed is how important water quality and pH levels are for a healthy yield. As you likely already know, altering your pH levels can have positive health repercussions, however, what many forget is that pH levels can tremendously impact other living things as well, including plants! So, below we will briefly discuss the benefits of using Kangen ionized water for your cannabis crops. 

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Cannabis Plant Health and Soil pH

As any gardener worth their salt will tell you, the success or failure of a crop begins with soil conditions. While some soils are naturally more acidic or alkaline, plants depend heavily on proper pH levels of their soil in order to grow optimally. When pH levels are off, plants may undergo leaf chlorosis, a plant’s version of anemia, which can lead to discoloration or even death of the plant. Now, not every plant operates at the same pH levels, so it is important to know what that optimal pH is, since soil that is too heavily alkaline is just as bad for a plant as soil that is too acidic. 

The pH scale runs from 1 to 14, with lower numbers being acidic, 7 being neutral, and higher numbers being alkaline. The cannabis plant prefers a pH environment ranging from 5.5 to 6.5; anything above a 7 pH means the roots cannot absorb manganese, copper, iron and boron ions, anything below a 5 pH leads to dangers of fungal diseases threatening the plant. So, before you ever begin, it would be wise to conduct a pH test to determine the soils pH identity.

Regularly watering your plants is one of the most critical aspects of any grower’s task. On any given cannabis plant, billions of microorganisms and bacteria exist to benefit the plant by helping it produce high nutrient fertilizer, which in turn affects stems, leaves, intracellular fluid, flowers, and buds. As you likely know, tap water contains large deposits of chlorine, as well as other chemicals. While these may not be deadly to you, they can wreak havoc on the micro-organism colonies of a given plant, creating an acidic environment, and strip away vital nutrients. Denying these trace minerals reduces your cannabis plant’s enzymatic capabilities. This is important since various metabolic processes within the plant cells can only be activated when specific trace minerals are present. So, if a plant is deficient in a certain nutrient, that plant will sit dormant until it receives an adequate amount of nutrients. The Kangen machine allows you to use 9 different pH water levels. So, after testing your soil, you can set your machine to the ideal level that will either balance out pH levels or maintain ideal pH. 

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Hypochlorous Acid and Cannabis Growth

As mentioned, the Kangen Machine allows you to produce 9 different pH water levels. This includes 2.5 pH Hypochlorous Acid (HCIO). HCIO, while completely non-toxic to you or your plants, can be utilized to kill viruses, mold, bacteria, and funguses and is often used in hospitals for sanitization purposes. It is commonly used as a non-toxic, environmentally friendly way of oxidizing, and thus killing, bugs such as mites, ants, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, and slugs. All of these critters can cause irreparable harm to your cannabis plant.  

Hydroponic experts agree that by spraying your plants with an atomizer of Kangen water three times a day, alternating between 2.5 and 11.5 pH, you will thwart and or terminate any fungus, mildew, pests, or mold that might threaten your plant’s long-term health. Kangen water does not leave a residue and is harmless, so do not wait for signs to appear, spray daily throughout the entirety of the growing and flowering stages.  


You were likely already aware of the tremendous health benefits of utilizing a Kangen machine for your daily water intake. However, you may have been unaware of just how vital pH levels are for the growth of any plant, let alone the Cannabis plant. So, if you are looking to grow your own crop, be sure to test and balance the pH levels of your soil and to regularly spray your plants in order to prevent or destroy outside forces that may be harmful to its long-term health and harvest.  

Top 7 reasons to take ownership of your own Enagic water ionizer!

  1. The properties of Kangen water (Alkalinity, anti-oxidant count & Active Hydrogen) aren’t stable, so to get the greatest benefit from Kangen water you should drink it fresh!
  2. It’s much more convenient to create Kangen water at your own home than lug water bags back and forth. Having this water fresh is beneficial in so many ways. Most importantly, drinking only one 16 oz. glass of fresh Kangen water, is equivalent to eating 5 lbs. of blueberries!!!!
  3. You can share water with your family, friends and neighbors to make a difference in their health.
  4. You will have access to 2.5 pH water which kills 99% known bacteria within seconds and is excellent for cleaning and various health issues.
  5. You will have access to 11.5 pH water which emulsifies oil and removes oil-based pesticides from produce and can be used as a laundry detergent. Wait until you see the color of the water once you soak your fruits and veggies!
  6. You will have access to 6.0 pH Beauty water which is a great anti-aging treat for your skin and a conditioner for your hair.
  7. Owning your own medical grade device is an environmentally and economically sound decision. You can replace bottled beverages, toxic cleaning supplies, over-the-counter medications, and numerous other things.

It’s easier on the EARTH and your wallet.

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Fiji Water: Artesian Water or Environmental Nightmare?

Fiji’s Environmental Contribution Fiji Water has been criticized for the environmental costs embedded in each bottle. The production plant runs on diesel fuel, 24 hours a day.

The high-grade plastic used to make the bottles is transported from China to Fiji, and then (full of water) to the United States. A 1 liter bottle of FIJI Water contaminates 6.74 liters of water to stretch-blow mold the plastic, burns fossil fuel to transport plastics from China and fulflrobmottles to the U.S., and produces 0.25 kg of greenhouse emissions. 250g of CO2 are released for each bottle of FIJI Water imported to the United States.

This includes 93g for manufacturing a bottle in China, 4g for transporting an empty bottle to Fiji, and 153g for shipping a full bottle to the United States. Fiji Water’s total carbon footprint, a measure of the exclusive global amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases emitted over the full life cycle of a product or service, was 85,396 tonnes CO2eq in the base year 2006 – 2007 for all bottles produced. Seventy-two percent of those emissions came from manufacturing raw materials, bottling and ocean freight. Overall, the average energy cost to make the plastic, fill the bottle, transport it to market and then deal with the waste would be “like filling up a quarter of every bottle with oil.“

Additional Environmental Impact Created By Fiji Water Bringing these bottles of water here from the other side of the earth involves packing them into cardboard boxes. In the South Pacific this often means rainforest cardboard, produced from rainforest destruction. The boxes of bottles are then trucked from the bottling plant to a sea cargo terminal in Fiji, then shipped across the ocean on fossil-fuel-powered freighters to the US Pacific coast. The fuel these ships use produces exhaust gases – Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Sulphur Oxides (SOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Particulate Matter (PM) which contribute to global warming and other air quality issues. Unregulated oil and bilge water discharges affect the sea and marine life. So do leakage and waste fluids from ship machinery. Noise and vibration from vessels impact marine mammals. Grease on wires washed off during mooring operations gets into the sea.

Chemicals used for deck cleaning or surface preparation prior to painting can be washed overboard. Aquatic marine organisms and pathogens attached to hulls are spread around the world, threatening indigenous species. Once they arrive in the United States, they’re loaded onto trains and trucks, all powered by fossil fuels, and eventually warehoused, prodded with forklifts, loaded onto other trucks, shipped to other warehouses and eventually delivered to your local convenience store or drink machine.

It is already clear that the manufacturing process and product distribution is energy-intensive and produces toxic byproducts, but there is another major environmental impact. When we’re done drinking our water, over 85 percent of these bottles wind up in landfills (where they take up to 1,000 years to degrade) and incinerators—the latter of which can release a potpourri of deadly toxins into the environment. Recycling plastic bottles is still often cost-prohibitive. From the environmental impact, you might as well be swigging down a pint of oil! All of a sudden that bottle of refreshing Fiji Water doesn’t sound so refreshing!

There are much better options that not only save money, but are not harming the environment.

Take the time and learn more about these options, because you could change your life, just by changing the water you drink.

Brizo Pure CBD

The “Entourage Effect” makes Suthe Whole Flower CBD fluid far superior to single-molecule CBD oil. With Soothe, you get maximum benefit from lower dosage.

❤️ All health, no high.

“Single-molecule CBD is less effective therapeutically than whole plant CBD extract. Scientific studies have established that synthetic, single-molecule CBD has a very narrow therapeutic window and requires precise, high doses for efficacy, whereas lower dose, whole-plant, CBD-rich treatment regimens are already showing efficacy for many conditions among patients in medical marijuana states. Whether synthesized in a Big Pharma lab or derived from industrial hemp, single-molecule CBD lacks critical secondary cannabinoids and other medicinal compounds found in high-resin cannabis strains. These compounds interact with CBD and THC to enhance their therapeutic benefits. Scientists call this the “entourage effect.” Numerous cannabis compounds have medicinal attributes, but the therapeutic impact of whole plant cannabis is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Say hello to Süthe.This whole flower, water-compatible CBD preserves the full medicinal profile of the plant, helping people everywhere live life the way it’s meant to be lived, naturally.

Proprietary Extraction Process

Our proprietary, 100% natural Whole Flower Fluid extraction process is superior to any other process available today.

From the moment of extraction, Süthe is water-compatible. The Whole Flower Fluid process preserves the entire medicinal profile of the plant, creating greater bioavailability.

100% Plant, 0% Additive

What’s in Süthe? Just the plant.

Süthe is now on sale in 5 mL bottles, retailing for $109.

Süthe makes the full medicinal profile of hemp cannabis available with a full spectrum of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.

Buy Now

You can get Suthe for only $109 and only need two drops per day and it lasts for 55 uses. So it is a two month supply. Get it now!

Your’s truly,


FDA Disclosure: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers non-THC based hemp products to be “food safe” and therefore legal without a medical marijuana license. CBD Rich Hemp products are legal in all 50 states.Brizo Pure does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substance Act (US.CSA). We are selling our products as containing cannabidiol. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA. We are committed to complete compliance with FDA regulations and as such, because these products have not been evaluated by the FDA, we make no claims as to any extra benefits for products containing cannabidiol. If you have questions about this product, please contact our customer service team prior to purchase.Shipping InformationOrders usually ship via USPS within 3 business days excluding weekends and holidays. You will receive an email confirmation that will include your tracking number.

Should You Become An Enagic Distributor?

Looking for a legitimate and rewarding opportunity can be tough.  It can take a bit of research trying to figure out what is right for you. Most people seeking to set up a small at-home business don’t want it to take up a lot of their time.

A ground floor opportunity without the risk is what we all want. You want a company that is stable and has a great track record and a history of providing highly valued products. What’s great about a ground floor opportunity is that the market is still brand new in not only the United States but all parts of the world.  Having the opportunity to introduce friends, family, old and new acquaintances to an opportunity can be exciting and in this blog post, you’re going to see how you can turn ordinary tap water into healthy Kangen Water. Thereby, you may potentially contribute to both the health and wealth of others.

There are more important things to do like spending time with family, relaxing, and walking the dog (even if the cat doesn’t agree!) You also want a fair return on the time that you invest.

By now you may have been doing your research in becoming an Enagic independent distributor.

Promoting Kangen water Ionizer systems offers many lucrative opportunities for you and your family. The company also has a good line of supplements, and with its direct selling structure, you can also enroll future distributors so that you can help them get the life they want in turn helping you get the life you want.

Let’s review some of the more common questions that I often get asked about the Enagic business opportunity.

Who Is Enagic?

Enagic is a company with its headquarters in Japan. There are also offices around North America. They’ve been in business for over 40 years. They focus on creating the best water Ionizer systems, but also sell a turmeric supplement to benefit health too, called Ukon.

Back in 1974, Enagic was a division of the popular Sony company in Japan. Water Ionizer systems actually became more popular in Japan first. Around 2000, modern water Ionizer systems were developed. Around this time, Enagic began distribution in LA.

Enagic Company Profile And History LeveLuk SD501 Ionizer Kangen Water

Rather than being your typical corporate environment, this company has a team-oriented environment designed to help everyone to succeed. This business is comprised of a team of people who enjoy improving the lives of people in the world through clean, fresh, water. Even though it’s the 21st century, a lot of the tap water in cities in Canada, USA, and Mexico doesn’t taste very good. Often it’s full of toxic chemicals, including chlorine. Even though these are necessary to kill bacteria and microorganisms, many cities just pump it into the community water supply with little thought.

Many people choose to buy cheap water filters, which are great to use for short-term but may not filter out all the chemicals that you wish.

Enagic distributors sell a trademarked water Ionizer system to the North American market. This system filters your average tap water and results in fresh, safe, and tasty water on the other end. More people can benefit from drinking clean ionized water. When water tastes good, it’s more likely that you’ll drink more of it.

Why Should You Promote Kangen Water Machines?

There are many reasons why you should consider sharing the Kangen water Ionizer systems. Perhaps you’re trying to earn a bit of extra income, or you want a full-time small business opportunity.

Kangen water Ionizer systems are sold for a fair price, and you’ll be able to earn good commissions.

Not only that but if you build up a team, you’ll also earn commissions from your team members too. There are also products in the Enagic line, such as the Ukon turmeric supplement, which naturally complements drinking fresh clean water too.

You can also be proud of selling a high-quality product that supplies fresh, pure, clean, toxin-free, alkalized water to people.

Another great aspect of working with Enagic is that you can have fun with it! There’s no need to be serious, and nothing wrong with wanting to have some fun. It’s your own business, so you can to do with it what you want.

What Are the Benefits of Being an Enagic Distributor?

People are stressed out about money. We are constantly bombarded with bad news about the financial crisis. In today’s financial climate it’s crucial to take steps toward a healthier financial life. Poor choices negatively affect our health and our finances, but to be truly healthy, we need balance. Financial stress takes its toll in our lives in a variety of forms. We have trouble sleeping, we drink too much, we smoke, and we overeat — all to deal with money stress.

Enagic Compensation Plan

Imagine a single product that can enhance both your physical and financial health

Enagic presents an unparalleled opportunity to provide peace of mind for your finances. With this peace comes a rejuvenating lifestyle, less stress, and financial stability. In the midst of financial crisis, we’ve been reminded that this is a priority which cannot be overlooked. Whether your motivations are freedom from debt, building an education fund, saving for a home, or adding to your retirement savings, your Enagic business will help you succeed!

Positive Change Lies Within You

Enagic’s person to person business approach maximizes your return by cutting out the middleman and advertising costs that consume your money. This business model is a direct sales program, so there is no minimum and no distributor fees. As an Enagic business owner, you are the boss and will enjoy the flexibility of creating a strategy that best suits your lifestyle. And thankfully, you’re never alone.

An International Business Model

You can develop support structures that encourage you to reach your goals and help you succeed. Building your own team and working together is a sustainable business model, and you’ll be part of an international movement that brings health and wealth to your community. Enagic is committed to helping you achieve your personal goals within a supportive community. With Kangen Water® you can live a healthy, restored life and enjoy the serenity of financial stability.

Do You Want to Improve Your Health?

Are you still trying to decide if becoming an Enagic water distributor is right for you? One really great reason is to improve your health. Since you become a distributor by first purchasing one of the water Ionizer systems, then you’ll naturally be drinking better water for your health.

There is health risk of drinking bottled and tap water, a water Ionizer system is the best solution to consuming more water. Once you drink more water, your health will improve. Even though people may drink plenty of herbal tea, that’s not the same.

Besides having your body adequately hydrated, every bodily system will benefit. Your skin will be glowing and free from blemishes. Your hair will grow in thicker and fuller. You’ll experience fewer inflammatory conditions, such as eczema or arthritis. Your food intolerances will become more tolerable. Even your heart and lung function will be boosted.

Drinking water every day is crucial to maintaining good health. Our bodies are comprised of almost 70% water. Many of the beverages we choose to drink instead of water come with “extras” that our bodies don’t need, such as sugar and caffeine. These beverages give us a temporary boost, but their corrosive acid levels are detrimental to our health, don’t satisfy our thirst, and make us feel fatigued and dehydrated. Such bad habits take a toll on our health, our energy, and our overall happiness.

Water is the key to maintaining good health and hydration. Unfortunately, the world’s water is polluted with agricultural run-off, sewage, and other toxic agents that compromise our health. Kangen Water® has a clean, pure taste, without losing any of the important minerals that are normally lost in bottled and filtered water.

Kangen Water also has the ability to properly hydrate the body while creating a positive alkaline environment.

With its hydration and good taste, Kangen Water is the promise for good health that you have been waiting for! What could be more important? After all, your body is water.

An important part of the Enagic business philosophy is realizing true physical health. Your body is smart, but if you don’t provide it with the crucial elements, it won’t perform to its maximum potential. Make Kangen Water® part of your daily routine. It doesn’t take a dramatic life change to start improving your health. Pure, clean, Kangen Water is at your fingertips.

Do You Want to Improve Your Finances?

Another reason why many people may consider being an Enagic distributor is to help improve their finances. Let’s face it, we can all use some spare cash. We’re almost halfway through the year and the winter holidays are coming. It would be nice to buy us a gift for a change.

As soon as you purchase a Kangen water Ionizer system you are considered a distributor. Of course, you can simply buy a system or two.

nagic’s powerful expansion is due in part to the lucrative earning potential available for all Enagic® distributors. Thanks to Enagic’s 8-Point US-Patented Compensation Plan, YOU could start building a brighter future as an Enagic distributor TODAY!


The Enagic Compensation Plan is a DIRECT SALES PROGRAM, which means we have completely eliminated the middle man and 100% of the commission gets paid directly to our independent distributors. This is a unique sales program where your earning potential is based on YOUR hard work (direct sales), AND you’re also compensated for your team members’ sales (indirect sales).

What to expect once you get your Enagic ID number

Once you join the business, it’s going to take some work.  In order to become successful in Enagic, you’ll have to have a strong desire to succeed but also a willingness to learn.  Learn how to sell, train, and promote the Enagic business opportunity.  It’s not easy, BUT it is simple.  With that said, it’s simple NOT to do.

We’ve had our share of ups and downs with this business and at the end of the day, there isn’t anything else that we could imagine ourselves doing.  We have dedicated our lives to sharing and promoting this business opportunity with others.

Closing Thoughts

In closing, we wanted you to be aware that we are independent Enagic distributors. I bought my first Enagic machine back in 2016, so I can assure you that Enagic isn’t running a scam or pyramid scheme here.

Whether you have been in business for yourself or not, it’s a no-brainer. We were in the same position as you and debated if we should do the business or not.  Find a way to make it happen.  You and your family will thank you for it.

If you found this information helpful and valuable, we invite you to take a deeper look at the Enagic opportunity or even buy a machine for your health…

This opportunity has served me very well and it has not only changed our finances but it has kept us healthy.

If we can serve and support you in any way, you may contact us here.

To your Success,

Rick and Laura